Recharge by bank transfer

Hello Gameflip.
Because of the high number of emails you receive response from a while I wanted to ask if it was possible to recharge your wallet by bank transfer.
I would like to explain why we European customers need this option:

You get 3% + 0.30 for credit cards and 4.5 + 0.30 for paypal payouts.
Credit card or paypal issuing bank take another 1-2.59% commission to change the currency from EUR to $.
The credit card or paypal bank change the eur to $ not at the real rate (1 eur - 1,17 $) but at a lower rate to get even more money (1 eur - 1,13 / 1, $ 14).
In practice to charge $ 100 that in reality are worth 83 EUR I pay about 90 91 euros … I would say it is not fair. With the transfer all this would be avoided and I would personally charge a lot of money as it would be cheaper to buy many more subscriptions / gift cards.

Andrea Schirripa