[READ] Selling, Purchase and Payout Fee Updates

Dear Flippers,

Earlier this year we were hit by the news that PayPal will increase their fees by late March 2017.
Since then, we have been thinking on how to adapt and make sure that the Gameflip marketplace is fair to everyone. With that in mind, we decided to reduce the selling commission and adapt our purchase and payout fees starting March 22nd, 2017.

See the changes below:

Seller Fees

Commission fee now: 10%

  • New commission fee: 8%

Digital commission fees are not subject to change

Dota 2 and Rust skins Zer0% Sales Commission promotion remains until further notice, therefore items that fall under this category are not subject to change at this time

Payout Fees

PayPal and US Bank account payout fee now: $0.25 USD

  • New PayPal payout fee: 2%
  • New US Bank account payout fee: 2%

Bitcoin payout fees are not subject to change

Payment Fees

PayPal payment fee now: 4%

  • New PayPal US payment fee: 3% + $0.30 USD
  • New PayPal worldwide payment fee: 4.5% + $0.30 USD

Credit, Debit and Pre-paid card payment fee now: 4%

  • New Credit, Debit and Pre-paid card payment fee: 3% + $0.30 USD

Bitcoin payment fee now: 0.5%

  • New Bitcoin payment fee: 0.8%

On March 22nd 2017, the new fees listed above will be rolled out. All sold items, payments and payout requests released after the new fees will be subject to the percentages listed above.

We appreciate your understanding and wish everyone a great flipping!

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Didn’t even know about this until now. That’s all bad. Now it means selling on ebay is more expensive, and on my website if they pay via paypal. Man this sucks. Thanks for letting us know.

hm thats pretty uncool for selling. Selling skins is now 15% loss of the price which is the highest on all sites I know
Thats why prices on this site will probably get about the 3% which will definetly not make the customers happy.

How is it uncool when the selling fees drop?

does it? it only drops for normal items like a video game but not for any virtual items, which are most of the business.

Thanks for your feedback.

It’s likely that in the near future, there will be subscription options to reduce fees for selling skins.

About virtual items, I would like to remember that currently Dota 2 and Rust sellers are being currently charged 0% on sales commission.

I know, but rust and dota 2 items are not really sold frequently.

This subscription options might be interesting for all the people selling a lot.
They might actually make selling more attractive again

The changes are now live