Payment Options

I’ve always purchased items with my linked Apple Pay or paypal. Now I have to add “funds” instead of just buying items? This app is getting worse. It use to be straight price, now they’ve added fees, and now I have to buy predetermined amounts of “cash” to use to buy items? Come on…

I agree. This is garbage. I have to give Gameflip $10 to get a $5 item. Bull crap.

You must not purchase too much as it’s been this way for a long time now. Other well known skins sites use the same method where you deposit a set amount as a balance and spend it over time.

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Actually I have about 60 purchases, I buy movie codes all the time for $2-10 and never had an issue until last week. I actually forced a purchase through by quickly tapping the buy now button and got it to process, so apparently they did change it recently.

No, it was March of last year in response to PayPal’s increased fees. They made a post about it:
[READ] Selling, Purchase and Payout Fee Updates

That explains the fees, but nothing about having to now “add funds”. It doesn’t explain how I’ve seemed to avoid this concept for the past year either. Doesn’t matter, I was just curious when and why that aspect changed more than the additional fees. Sucks because if more people are like me they have purchased less at this point. I liked the ease to buy and time and check out, not having to keep a fund in my virtual wallet. I’ll just buy direct from the seller.