[Report] Spamming RL Section

So now, after everyone got a warning, and we all almost been trying to do our best to not spam the rl section, but there’s still few ppl who are doing that over and over but seems like nothing happening to them even after multiple reports ? can you mods take care of this seriously ? it’s serious to us sellers, spamming cut a lot of sales for everyone, you need to start suspending ppl for it, or let us all spam if you can’t deal with it seriously!

this guy keeps relisting his listnings over and over every few minutes, i catched some for a proof but he’s litteraly taking off 90% of the sales on the first day of the new crate in rock league, this is like an important and very good day for sellers to get sales on gf, but this guy keeps cutting everyone else off, and nothing happening to him …
this is redicilous tbh.
we need consistency from you admins if you really want us to have a fair marketplace here.

anyways @DarkKnight 'm pretty sure this guy got reported many times before this , and got a warning already, yet he keep going on, insanely

he keeps on … @DunnBiscuit @DarkKnight