Request to expedite adding funds

@DunnBiscuit ,

Can I please request to expedite adding funds .
I have already opened a ticket with the request .
I really need these funds quickly .
Thanks .
Code: 2383FK
Ticket Id

Its under review?
I don’t think they will because then they would need to do it for everyone
Give it time it will go through

Lucy :heart:

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Yeah, its under review .
I understand that they may not expedite , but all I can do is request and wait .
Really need the funds quickly .

To make funds more unlikely to go under review you need to verified a few things. This does not mean it would never go under review again just more likely it wouldnt go under review.

Why is my Purchase or Add Funds under review?

Lucy :heart:

I have my identity , phone , card i paid with and paypal all verified . But , its a large amount that is why the verification I guess .

Most likely yes i normal stay away from anything over 100$ each time. If i need 200$ I will do 100 here and wait a hour then doing the other 100$.

Lucy :heart:

I was just told I have reached my monthly limit ?
How much is it ?
I cant see it mentioned anywhere .