Reselling is allow?

Hello flippers, Is it allow to resell here? like i see some seller got cheap listings, and i want to buy it, they have some auto delivery, so is it okay if i got buyer paid to my listings for manual delivery, then i will buy codes from other seller for automatic delivery, then the code i got from other seller then will send to my buyer, is that allow?

Small profit but worth it, as also boost my reputation as a seller/buyer

You cannot sell something you do not own. So you can’t be like let me list this at $1.50 and if someone buys… then I will go buy from someone else on website for $1. You have to have the item to sell. This also opens to multiple issues because if the code you bought from someone else doesn’t work, you have no proof it did or how you got the code. You just become the middle man at that point.

Thanks for the reply man, so this scenario could possibly ban/suspend you?