[RESOLVED] Didn't click to payout in Bitcoin yet it did it anyway. ($439.78). I have no access to the wallet I was trying to add one.

I added all my money to see how much fees would take away and then i went to add a new bitcoin address and when i clicked to add address it paid out all my ■■■■■■■ money!!! ($439.78). I NEED IMMEDIATE HELP BEFORE THE NEXT WAVE OF BITCOIN PAYOUTS!!! FIX YOUR SYSTEM!!! I never clicked to payout all my money it was just in the box so i could see what fees would apply.

nevermind its not that big of an issue found out its my bittrex account i dont use. if it goes through ill send it to binance. if you fix it then thats good too :slight_smile:

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Good to know you got ahold of the wallet!

If you’d like future payouts to go to a different BTC wallet, please submit a new application.