Waiting for adding payout bitcoin address already 9 days


Nine days ago (!!!) I sent Gameflip request to add my BTC address to payout.
Already 9 days nothing happens
I created ticket (#450836), but it’s interesting only for bot. Support does not reply at all
Please, approve address ASAP and let me take my money ($1000+)
Now I stopped trading and will start it again only when Gameflip will give me possibility to withdraw my money, because I have no money to buy new products, because GF in fact just holds my money and uses it

My Code: 3BP941

P.S. @DunnBiscuit, @DarkKnight, can you help me?

Nobody will answer me?
Is it normal on GF to freeze clients’ money for weeks?

@DunnBiscuit , @DarkKnight

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