Rocket League Item Trading Discontinued

Hello Flippers,

We have all heard the news and today Rocket League, one of our dearest games, has released a patch that ends all trading across every platform the game is available on. Given the circumstances, we at Gameflip have removed the buying and selling of Rocket League from our platform.

This is unfortunate for us players, as Rocket League has always been one of the staple titles when it comes to breaking barriers in the gaming industry. It introduced cross-platform gameplay when few, to none, were doing it. And until now, it always offered ways for players to trade, opening up the options one could achieve the perfect combination of car, parts, and effects.

We thank you and the whole Gameflip community for supporting the Rocket League category on Gameflip and for making it as vivid as it was. These were great times and we hope Rocket League to remain a fun game in the years to come.

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