Scammed by Dluxx gift card seller. Lost over $70!

Please help!

I bought a $100 NewEgg gift card on June 1st.

When I checked on June 1, the gift card had the correct $100 balance. So I completed the transaction. However, today when I tried using the gift card, the balance was drained!! I have not used the gift card at all and the balance is zero.

Is there any chance of recovering my money? GameFlip support ignored my pleas for help!

Here is the seller Dluxx:

First of all, newegg is not an approved gift card to sell on gameflip, and you Always have to redeem the card before you complete the purchase!

How would I know that… the seller had 200+ positive feedback.

What do I do now? GameFlip support won’t respond.

Im sorry, i was wrong, newegg is now allowed, it wasnt in the past.

But the other part is correct. Check the help center to see which cards are allowed and how to avoid getting scammed

And they might respond on monday, i dont think they reply to often during weekends

Well, it you completed the transaction when you didnt even redeem the code, it’s your faul. You havent been scammed at all. After completing transaction you can’t reclaim anything, I think.

Thanks, I’ll wait for GameFlip to respond. It’s been over a week though.


This issue was solved via ticket.

:trident: New forum moderators!

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@MajorTom can u check ur messages ?

Thank you Major Tom!!! I was so worried the past week and am super relieved to hear that GameFlip took care of this issue.

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