Scammed by meXy

Link of store:

He sold me 2 codes but I didn’t activate it yet because my computer was being fixed. After 3 days, the code was used by someone. He probably sold the same code to other buyers so I couldn’t use it. He left a comment on my profile telling me to contact him which I do not know how then blocks me right after.

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@DarkKnight @MajorTom

Hello kylen17,

Can you tell me your profile code and the listing ID related to this issue?

Profile code: PN4X7F
Listing ID: 0a7b8cbc-b339-4810-bcbe-5e9d4875f65f


Can you contact Steam support and ask for the redemption date and time of the codes? Then send us a chat history as well.

Also, please note that buyers have up to 3 days to check and complete the transaction.