Scammed by user. Should I warn others?

Hey there. I was recently scammed by a user that wanted me to do the trade via paypal insted. Stupid(and new) as I was i agreed and he scammed me off 200$ this used had 11 positive feedback while trading here on gameflip but he is a shady Guy. Can I/Should I do anything to warn others? I have proof but dont want to break any rules. Thank you


For that, you can report the user with proof which should include conversations about using paypal via Support and the user will get suspended for conducting sales outside of Gameflip.
Contact Support -
It is agaisnt rules to conduct sales outside of Gameflip.

As wrote above, if any Gameflip seller ask someone to conduct sales outside of Gameflip, they will get suspended as long the other person reports and provides proof.
You can warn others but not many people use forums compared to the amount of people using Gameflip.

Just remember NOT to buy from Gameflip sellers that try to convince you to buy from them OUTSIDE of Gameflip. Even if it’s just a dollar, don’t do it because it’s agaisnt Gameflip rules and you can report them with proof even if their selling something that’s a dollar.

Also just record every transaction when buying/selling in gameflip as well to have proof incase anyone tries to scam and you can open dispute/contact Support to solve it.