Scammed of $1000

Hey I’ve been scammed of $1000, and I’ve been communicating with my client through iMessage to sell Amazon gift cards. I know his gameflip, can I find his IP address to track him down and report to police?

I know that gameflip keeps the ip addresses and device id of all profiles, can I get this information?

Gameflip doesn’t support transactions outside of the site/app and even discourages them. “IMPORTANT: Avoid scamming, DO NOT give out sensitive information such as PayPal account, phone number, Steam or Game ID. Purchases outside of Gameflip will NOT be protected under Gameflip Guarantee.” is under every item listed.

Anyone on Gameflip that doesn’t want to go directly through Gameflip is usually a scammer.

Unfortunately we can’t disclose such information. As @000 said, you shouldn’t have negotiated outside the platform.

You can send us the user information though, so we can investigate his account regarding his transactions inside the marketplace.


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wait, but my friend said that if it’s not legal then it gameflip can give out ip address and then they can call the police. My friend said gameflip is able to give it if what they did is illegal. So is there a way i can use their ip address and call police?

You shall contact the police, but since the transaction didn’t happen within the marketplace, such information can’t be disclosed.


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