SCAMMED!!! please sort this BS OUT!

Hello, I’ve just been scammed by a new account. I was selling a legit global digital code of NBA 2K20 that came with my Xbox one S. I put it on auto delivery and I see that this new account bought it… so, instantly my stomach curdled knowing I might be getting scammed and got suspicious. I checked if he redeemed the code, wich he did. Then I send a message showing that he redeemed. I say “ty for purchasing” what I always say after some buys my items. He then instantly disputes it, then escalates it. What F$&#ing JOKE! My Code is RA4EY3 I have 244 100% POSITIVE! I have no need to scam people. Please send my money and ban him. He has 0 feedback or score. Clearly a scam artist… his gameflip name is “rekt noobs” how generic… oh wait!.. user no longer found.? So what happens to my money? I best get it or I’ll be pissed :rage:. I’m normally a polite guy but these kinds of people fuel my fire. Pr#%k!!!

Well, you provide evidence that the code is legit and wasn’t previously used and provide that in the evidence portion. They will also need to provide proof the code wasn’t used, and an error of the code, which ultimately isn’t that hard to do.

What do you mean not hard to do? How do I provide evidence that it wasn’t used? You can check my games library, my achievements etc… I have never played any kind of NBA game on my accounte EVER!!! It’s blantanly in your face that this fool scammed. Like I said… I have nothing to gain from scamming anyone! I had a game that was useless to me because I don’t like basketball games, so I thought I’d sell it cheap. I wish I never used auto delivery cus of this kind of BS! Try and look for this guys profile and it doesn’t exist. I don’t get why it’s so hard to see that this punk scammed. I’m 100% legit seller. I feel sorry to all the legit sellers who sell genuine codes and you get people like this stealing their cash and codes and getting away with it. So if this is the case I can go around buying everyone’s code then disputing it after I’ve redeem? Too many disloyal humans in this world. It’s kinda sad that people would stoop so low.

Ok, so I contacted Xbox support today and they said it was redeemed on a different account. I have proof!
As you can see… the person who scammed was in England and I’m in Canada CST time zone And he’s UTC.

Time and date of redeem code. I told you I’m a legit seller with no bad intentions. Can I now please get some help! THANK YOU!

FYI, them saying UTC (aka GMT) is irrelevant in this case. As far as I know, UTC is a very well-known time zone used to reference time since it is referred to as Coordinated Universal TIme (as it states in your screenshot, world time is based on UTC). However, it is an integral part of providing evidence. You have to contact Gameflip Support (or their chat feature if it is showing) as the mods here can’t manually decide disputes. I believe you but posting on the forum isn’t as effective as contacting Gameflip support directly.

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If the dispute still allows you to upload files (as in the dispute case has not been decided), you can post all your screenshots on there since Gameflip Support needs to see evidence from both sides to help them decide. Has the buyer posted any screenshots as their evidence?

It’s actually the opposite. I’ve had very few issues resolved through their support (which is probably why many people come here for assistance when support fails). The report button on the site doesn’t even work anymore for me. It’s also kind of ridiculous a seller has to go through all of this every time a buyer claims a code is redeemed and escalates.

It’s one of the great reasons why they added a live chat feature to get faster service. They have to take their time to decide on support cases and look at all the evidence.

Also, know that not all sellers know about this forum and only complain their case to Gameflip support. This also includes buyers, too. The mods on here are in charge of managing the forum not exactly Gameflip support. The way I see it, if someone has an issue and posts on here, the mods will try their best to help that person out and give an answer as soon as possible, which is probably why their case gets solved faster than regular support. If it requires an escalation/review, they have to refer to Gameflip support to solve it instead of themselves. Suspending/banning someone doesn’t require as much decision making than disputes

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Not going to continue to argue in this guys topic but they definitely don’t look at all the evidence as can be seen on this forum. You can see them helping people. No one cares the way you see it, stop spamming every topic on this forum pretending to be support lol. The one person who definitely can’t help is you. Not sure why you are bringing up the live chat feature.

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Have you not seen this before?

Doesn’t matter what time zone but all I’m saying is he redeeemed the code a couple of minutes just before he disputed. This person didn’t discus or do anything but make up a bs dispute and he has NO EVIDENCE! If someone could vounch for him then this whole thing is seriously messed up. If he got a a refund I’d have no faith in this site no longer and I’d move on with my business.

The time of redemption is important since Gameflip can see when the buyer started the dispute. If the code redemption time and date is between order purchase and dispute, it should be enough to refund you. You just have to wait for them to decide on your dispute.

Well, I’m sure it has a faster response time than waiting for a mod to respond here.

That’s exactly what I’m saying… I’ve had this Xbox and code for like a month and it’s funny it was only redeemed just now at the time of the dispute. And I can’t see any chat feature

The chat feature is only available during the day, you can wait till tomorrow. I’ve gotten scammed here as a buyer but Gameflip was able to refund my money. If you don’t see the buyer’s profile anymore, he either deleted the account (needs to be requested through Gameflip support and can take several days) or he got banned. I wish you luck man.


These are some mods that can help you. Tagged them here so hopefully they can look over your case soon.

Ty! I was able to post more evidence in the dispute of my proof of purchase of the console game bundle. Clearly showing that I’ve had the game for so many weeks without redemption until this case. All I have to do is be patient. I’ve went out my way to prove my case. This fraud has nothing on me.
I await for support response :wink:

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Thank you Support team… I didn’t know you guys didn’t operate on weekends. Thank you for dealing with my case and have a great week! Respect! :+1:.



Hello Dean_Watson,

I was checking with the support team and they were already checking your case. This dispute should be closed by now.

As nfsjayiscool has mentioned, whenever you search for a user and you got the message “Not Found”, then you can assume that the user was probably banned or had his account removed (by his own request).

@nfsjayiscool Btw, thanks for the help on this topic, we really appreciate it.