scammer alert : name of store BERRY

Hello gameflip community
Please Be wary of dealing with this person his name is berry
Link of store :

Telegram : @BerryGta
I deal with him in telegram
He is a big scammer
He stole from me 738 I send to him 738 Bitcoin
And he dont answer and he block me
Please be wary and careful

Link of transaction : 738 $

Proof ( Photo ) :

( 1 )

( 2 )

( 3 )

Why did you trade outside of gameflip? trust me (almost) Nobody in this world is honest… but You will not trust me because You should not trust anyone… never trade outside gameflip at least You know that person physically because it is your fault the only thing gameflip can do is to ban the user or maximum give You the seller information well for sure if your proof is for real and not fake…

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I have all proofs bro
He is a big scammer i can send more proofs

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I need all community to know this and to be careful

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Hopefully gameflip do something, I know how it feels because it is your well-earned money, what You can do is to send a Private message to the two admins and provide all proof You have available at the moment

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Send me profil of admins please

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@DarkKnight @MajorTom

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also provide Your user link

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Thanks you help me lot

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sorry It is not my own business but what did You try to purchase from the seller?

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Google play codes

I see that the seller indeed have codes to cancel to You I do not see a reason to try to scam Like the seller did… a Crazy Idea would be to try to buy all the remaining codes and then escalate all purchases for the amount You sent … and then contact gameflip to refund the money

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I dont want to do it i am not like him
I have ethics

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Lol good thought . Hope admins do something ,sorry… I have seen other guy that had the same problem with a seller but the other guy paid with paypal so guy could revoke the payment… but bitcoin is not revokable so Admins just need to force seller

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We hope that And thanks very much for help

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

Hello Cia73o666!

We are sorry to hear about your issue, but unfortunately since this transaction was taken outside of Gameflip we are not able to give assistance.

What we are able to do is keep the user flagged and wait for an occurrence inside of Gameflip to happen so we could take action.

Also, be aware that transactions performed outside of our platform are strictly prohibited by our Terms of Use and will not be covered by our Buyer Protection Guarantee.

Please reserve some time and read the Gameflip Guarantee article in the following link:

God speed!

:trident: New forum moderators!

Never had any problems with Berry, one code wasnt working and he replace it

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You dont know him good please be warry and dont trust in him or deal with him out gameflip