Scammer Alert !!

this guy asking ppl to complete the transaction first before he send the code, i saw his same listing before but in another acc that already been deleted, this is his new acc.
delete him before he scams more ppl

Also his reputation is very low.So be carefull.

same scammer with a new profile

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Please report them

They’re breaking the ToS.

"Items or services that require the exchange of account credentials

Services or items that require either the buyer or the seller to exchange sensitive information such as game account credentials are not allowed on Gameflip."

If you need to ask them for there username and password to do it then its breaking ToS and its not allowed regardless if the buyer agree or not to it.

Lucy :heart:

Hello! Can you share a link to his profile?

I can check it properly!


Thanks for this report, I could check and suspend him.