Second Account ban

Before you say to open a ticket please listen to what i have to say,

About a 1 month and a half ago my main account Spizzy Sloth was banned as well as my alternate account Market Emporium. I wasn’t expecting this as i did not know it was wrong to create listing to boost my account to the rank that my main account was already at. i understand that it was a justifiable ban as i was trying to cheat the system. As i got unbanned a month after that, i said to myself you know what, i’m gonna try to stay under the radar of support and do everything legit and not try to do anything that i could get banned for. So i set my main account for strictly selling credits and my alternate for strictly selling black market decals. About 5 days after that i tried to log in to both accounts to get set up for the day, and was prompted with the same ban as the month before, i was completely appalled at this because as far as i knew i was doing everything by the book, about two days later i had gotten a response from support saying that i was permanently banned for making fake ratings on an alternate account i think this is a hiccup in the system because i have not made any after the time i was banned if you could please look into this and give me some help and support that would be very helpful @DarkKnight @MajorTom @DunnBiscuit @Sparkling_Juice @Aeralo

Hello @Colin_Kuchta,

I can see that you’ve said ‘‘Before you say to open a ticket please listen to what i have to say’’, but I will have to say to open a ticket.

Contacting a moderator here or support is the easiest way to get this solved, if possible. I can only give help and suggest what is the best to do.

Gameflip Support will be your best option, make sure to give a very detailed explanation and prove why.

I hope that you can get it fixed.