Seller account reinstatement request

Hello Gameflip!

There was misunderstanding with the dispute between the seller olev and I.
Gift card codes I bought turned out I used in past and forgot to keep track.

I did not get any refund from Gameflip for this, but it seems he is no longer active and wondering if his account was suspended.
If so, please kindly reinstate as i would like to do more business with him. I feel sorry.

Thank you for your consideration!

Please open a ticket with all the information possible as this is a bit hard to understand.
Include any order ID’s you have from transactions with this seller.

I just sent email to Gameflip, using the same email I received when we discussed about the issue.

Thank you

Could you inform the ticket number or your profile code so I can check? you can send in a private message if you prefer

ticket number 373045

Your ticket has been answered.

I was wondering why my account got banned. So I researched the forum just now and saw someone saying that food gc are not allowed on Gameflip or it will be banned.
I think that was a reason, and now I know.
I will not do that anymore. I didn’t know before as I was also buying food gift card in past.

Could you reinstate my account for me?

Ticket number 470324