Seller gave amazon goft cards taht banned my account

Hello a seller gave me a amazon gift card for $200 that got my account banned this morning

Issue is the code was fine so I confirmed transaction and left the money there but today I woke up and my account on it was banned by amazon with this email I contacted support about the situation is there a way for me to get my money back from the seller my profile code is
FF6JMB @MajorTom @DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit

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You probably wouldn’t get refunded for mistakenly buying a code and then not following the company (Amazon) terms and conditions

This email message is probably automatic, talk to amazon support and ask for more details about your redeemed codes

When you purchase on gameflip, They usually bans when you when you redeem a code that it wasn’t supposed to you redeem (incorrect region, fake billing adress, VPN use) or codes reported as stolen.

It’s the problem when you purchase cheap codes on gameflip, this just means they purchased this even cheaper and it’s either stolen and you have to redeem asap or it’s for another region with cheaper currency and cheaper prices

Here I’m talking about cheaper codes and everything you need to afford when purchasing and selling codes Request a gift card from me if you want - #3 by Bloxy_News_Brasil

I did nothing wrong I believe the seller just told amazon the code was stolen so they can resell it so they closed my account with the money I believe gameflip does help in these situations to protect the buyer if the seller does do things like this

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When the code is stolen, they can purchase stolen codes for cheap at some website and your code will be reported as stolen by any random person

Or the seller itself reported as stolen and got the money refunded and will buy another code to fool someone else

Codes are usually stolen at physical stores, they stratch the code and take a picture with their phones, go to cashier and scan the code to activate it and cancel the order. The card go back to the shelf still with activated code and then it can be redeemed online

Or it’s a fraudulent charge back where the seller fools his own bank and/or credit card issuer after you completed transaction

Yes, they will try. The first thing they will do is to ask purchase receipt for the sold card

It’s important to speed up your case @MOCASH

And you forgot to provide your order ID

@MOCASH also you can request me a Amazon gift card if you interested, the Amazon US supplier is displaying a rate of 4.7 out of 5.0 stars. I still never had issues with cards reported as stolen, just a buyer that mistakenly bought a code for the wrong region. There is $5 $10 $15 $20 $25 $50 and $100 codes, all USD currency for the US region

I provided a order id for them in pm with support incase they don’t want me sharing that id in public unless he states it wants it here aswell

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It’s enough, they will ask you if you have a ticket on support so provide us the ticket ID. About the order ID, it’s just useful if they have acess to buyer or seller account, they can’t even read messages without the account so it’s safe to share here, it remains private between you, seller and gameflip staff. And if you provide the ticket ID, one more time, they need the login to the staff account on zendesk platform if the common user wants to see this stuff

Also in this October month, I will save $500 in my wallet to purchase gift cards so I can get your $200 Amazon US card if you want. Two codes of $100 each for $265 instead of $269

If you want to start with small card, I have $5 card for $6.71 so you can see one more time if this one locks your account on the next day and if this happens, at least your money loss will be lower. You may be a little scared of purchasing Amazon cards on gameflip after this : (

You probably won’t want the cards if your issue with this seller is solved and your Amazon account unlocked and it’s clearly understandable

Hello @MOCASH!

I suggest you to contact Amazon through chat to understand what happened and what code caused this to happen.

Once you are finished talking to them about this issue, please take screenshots of the chat and send the screenshots inside the ticket you opened regarding this case so the Support Team can check ok.

Godspeed! :trident:

@DarkKnight there is no option to contact support though chat so i have called them and they said they are not allowed to say any type of email stating anything beside the email was sent they did tell me the the 2 amazon codes was spoofed what do i do now ? Is nobody else having the same issues with the seller I purchased them from to help verify my case

There is no option through chat because the account is banned

Here is proof if you look in support i showed the whole code to verify it is indeed locked by amazon

Hello @MOCASH!

I have verified your ticket and can see that a Support Team member is taking a look at your case ok.

Please add anything that you feel is important to the case inside the ticket and the team will verify soon.

Godspeed! :trident:

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Hello @DarkKnight is there a phone number i can call for support they are asking in support for things that I’m not able to get because the account was banned and locked out of because of the gift card used im trying to talk with support so they can understand and they investigate all they need to do is try putting that code into a amazon account to show that gift card is not active and is locked my account was banned from trying to use that gift card on the account i sent alot of proof to support on the situation and should investigate the giftcard further so they see im not lying on the situation thank you in advance on the help

What did you try to buy with the gift cards?

you can call on amazon US customer care number, usually they will ask you few details

I kid you not i called amazon and they told me the code was spoofed and would not go more into detail and also said would not send me anything written or email confirmation on that issue at all no matter the reason on it i was speaking to the leadership team at that gameflip would have to speak to them themselves to see that the code was actually a bad code

quite possible. I am not doubting you buddy. I am just asking because sometimes the buyers tend to buy giftcards from the amazon balance which can result into account being locked too. If that card was improper to begin with I am sure gameflip will refund you

It was indeed a giftcard the thing is it worked then i get a email after I confirmed it cause it worked thenseller amazon sends me a email saying my account is banned for breaking tos for using a spoofed code so no access to the account to show anything besides showing that the giftcard is indeed locked when typing code that should be enough

Hello @MOCASH!

Unfortunately, we do not have a phone number for contact at this time, but you can feel free to contact our Live Chat support.

First thing you need to do is go to the following link:

At the bottom right side you will see a Zendesk Chat box where you will be able to contact them:

Godspeed! :trident: