Seller Levels and a Funds Clearance Enquiry

Just out of curiosity, what are the requirements of a seller to reduce the clearance time of funds from the standard 3 days? I’ve read it’s over a period of time from selling, but are there any set requirements, say like amount of sales, or days active?

Hi there. That’s a good question, Holyguaka! Some time ago it used to be solely based on the number of sales, but then they changed it.
Now it’s based both on number of sales and on the amount of time that the seller has been selling on Gameflip. But that said no one knows exactly the amount of sales or amount of time that it takes to get to the beloved 24h countdown for every sale.
They also implemented a mechanism that if you sell several items in a short period of time then the countdown for the latter sales get (significantly) smaller - kinda like a “benefit for selling lots of goods in a short period”.

Thanks for the reply!
Do you have any idea if selling more also reduces the chances of withdrawals needing Approval? My initial withdrawals were instant, now it can take 1-2 days

Also, how many items do you usually have to sell for this “quick sale, quick clearance,” I’ve sold over 10 of the exact same items within the last 4 or 5 days, still at 3 days :confused: anyways, appreciate your answers.

Oh we’re not talking about days, but rather minutes. I’ve only noticed that mechanism when once I sold 4 or 5 items one after the other and then checked the countdown to receive the money and it was decrescent.
I don’t know about the withdrawals policies, though. Sorry.

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