Sellers scam. .Gameflip Support helping him?

i never selling accounts! but gifts and keys its a big differends you know? i not reciveved my key… so…i can buy steam gifts for 3-5 dollars and selling as key for 20$ ?

because doesnt matter how buyer will recieve the game

i still not recieved the game or my money :neutral_face:

As Ticio_Mevio mentioned before, you should contact the seller before purchasing and there are ways that allow you to do this. The seller already sent you the game.

Since this was not escalated to the support team (there wasn’t any intervention from us as the dispute was automatically closed after 5 days without escalation) and you already received the game or item as described by the seller, then this case is closed.

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I PM you yesterday can you check

Bryan_Granda_Muzo, please check my answer.

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sorry the system did not notify me I received a message

answered again thank you

The key tied to this gift was removed as it was replace by the Standard Edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 which was provided to the original purchaser. Sadly, we will not be replace or offer a new key for this gift as you obtained it through illegitimate means.