Selling non gaming gift cards

Can non gaming gift cards be sold on gameflip?

I see that you edited your post a couple times on 2 of your different topics which is the same as this topic. If that user is you too, you will need to wait for Support or DarkKnight to reply to help. It will not help if the same post is posted multiple times. You can provide the ticket ID on that topic.

But replying to your current question,
Yes. You can check the article. It shows what kind of Non-Gaming Gift Cards are allowed.

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@Sparkling_Juice For the security code problem I am not the user . I am only a coach to the user so when he made the complaint I was trying to show him how to report the situation and ended up reporting for myself. I hope and pray this is not an offence because I have been extremely careful not to step on the toes on game flip…my own security issue has been solved . But he told me about his and I was trying to guide him through please forgive me if it’s an offence and I will tell him to do what you just said. Sincere apologies once more. Let me know if it’s an offence so it won’t repeat itself

No, it’s not an offence. It is just advised not to post multiple posts of the same thing. People might mistaken it as spamming as the other person has already posted 3 same posts/replies.

That’s good to hear.

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Ok thanks I understand now.

Thanks for checking this case @Sparkling_Juice!

Since this issue has been solved, I will close this topic.

Godspeed! :trident: