Selling offers / campaigns

Old time ago, gameflip used to make offers and campaigns for sellers

For example get 2$ when selling…etc

Unfortunately, i no longer see them, i see only the buying ones
@MajorTom @DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit

Hello @mohannade8!

Sorry for the wait.

We currently have a seller campaign, in which the sellers are manually chosen according to their performace in the marketplace.

Could you please send me your profile code, so we can take a look at your account?

Godspeed! :trident:

Thank you for your reply

My profile code is: VE4FXD

That would be useless, it won’t be added as a sales proceeds and this means you can’t withdraw. the sales proceeds can be used on both, buying and withdrawing.

Another reason that makes me hate this is a expiration that removes it from your account if you don’t spend :nauseated_face: this means you need to buy anything quick just to keep this item for “free” instead of waiting and purchasing what you want :skull:

I understand that not everyone here wants to make some extra cash by withdrawing like they just wants to trade their game items, so yea the cash from that promotions can be useful… if you don’t have enough money to buy another $2 item and you needs this promotion or you gonna die or something :skull: