Sesoris insane spamming on rocket league in game items platform steam

Hello. This past days ive seen this user ‘‘Sesoris’’ ( who has posted over 300 listings per day non stopping for like 5 hours straight. How is this possible? He has 316 sales ONLY which according to the Listing limit he must have 200 item listings limit. How is he posting over 300 posts ???

This is totally unfair. YOu cant even post bc this guy is SP[AMMING ALL DAY.

I have a limit according to my succesfull sales, and when that limit is reached i cant post. HOW CAN HE DO THAT? he must be using some exploit…

Please admins do something… All the proof i uploaded are from TODAY (17/03) as u can see i screnshooted all 9 first pages from in game steam rocket league items. Barely other sellers can post with this… This is some bull******

Can you admins take a look plz. Dis is unfair!!!


He is indeed spamming like there’s no tommorow.
What he does is, he removed his oldest posts and posts new ones, that’s it.
Reporting him won’t get him banned since i’ve reported several users and gameflip does nothing against them other than warning them which changes nothing.

It is truely annoying. I do see people like that a lot on gameflip. I have seen your post on ‘Spamming on Gameflip’ on your 19 December post. They do it everyday because they want their post to sell but usually their stuff barely sells. Fortnite Section is Way Worst.

The only thing is to give suggestions via support or here. Because it isn’t agaisnt the rules to list the items you have. Unless he does not have all the listed items then it is agaisnt the rules.

There is already a post where we suggested that blocking a person should also block all his listing for the person blocking so the person who blocked will not see the blocked person.

However, he just remakes his post and keep reuploading them so that his listings is in the ‘Recent’ first page. If his willing to keep spending his time doing that, then just let him do it.

I am sure Buyers will click the dropdown button and click ‘Cheapest/Online’ instead of looking at just his listing at the first page. Most people would do that.

That being said, creating listing is not agaisnt rules -
UNLESS HE DOES not Exactly have ALL OF THEM. Putting on Sale a Listing that Seller does not have is agaisnt the Rules. If you have proof about that, you can send a ticket to support so they can clarify that via

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He does not remove listings. Yesterday i saw listings from him 2 DAYS AGO. and he already posted +300… you cant post more than ur limit… thats the thing. He is not deleting posts.

The same i told the other guy. He is not deleting post. He has more listings active than the limit according to his succesfully sales. Thats it… He aint deleting

Best to file a Ticket to Support for them to check why he can list more than the limit. Usually Support is faster. Yes, they would basically just block you if you confront them like those people always did to me when I asked them why.
Unless you want to wait for a moderater to come on.

i recorded a video scrolling on his gameflip profile. Went more than 10 pages (36 posts each) and he posted +300 in 2hs… They were still there… he didnt delete anything. I will upload it here when i have time :slight_smile:

Like i said… scrolled through 10 of his pages today in the afternoon. Knowing that gf shows 36 listings per page making it 360+ listings in 2hs posted. When his limit must be 200… mhm

Best to just file a ticket to support then since he has more listed then he should have. I usually just send ticket to support and they reply they will check within like 12-24 hrs so that’s faster. But whether anything will happen to him is another thing.


I found how he does it but won’t share it here.
Already reported via ticket system hope they fix it soon.

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i did the same broda. Thx for helping

I messaged to support. Maked few posts here. Nobody cares about it. Same in ps4 page.

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If they dont see our posts here. We may have to do tickets all for keeping gf a free spam space

Hey everyone!

We commend you for taking the time to document this issue and opening a ticket with further information and proof.

The support team will look into the tickets opened and take action accordingly.

If you have further information to add or something to inform, please PM us or open a ticket to the Support Team in the following link:


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