SMS verification code does not arrive


I put my username and password and everything is fine, but it asks me for the code to verify, but nothing that comes, I hope you can help me, my country is Peru, operator “Claro”

Hello @Danielabu,

I will help you with this :wink:

Could you please provide me your invite code, so I could take a look into your account?

God Speed! :trident:


I wrote to you privately

Sure, @Danielabu :slight_smile:

Not a problem.

God Speed! :trident:

Ready check pm

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@DarkKnight this is happening to me too, the code doesn’t reach me on the phone

Hello @Millargenis1,

Sorry for the wait.

Has your issue already been resolved?

If not, please send me a PM with your phone number so I could check.

God Speed! :trident: