Software license category

I have been interested in selling software license on gameflip but there is no place to list them also license sellers end up on gift card category’s it would fix that



Maybe you could list it under others? If people wants to buy softwae licenses , I am sure they will search what they want under the search bar so it will still pop up in their search.

You can also suggest to Support to make a category about that or something.

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That other category doesn’t show up for me

Well, that’s weird. I’m not sure why though.

Maybe you could contact Support suggesting it + ask why there is no ‘Other’ category shown for you.

Hello Exoie,

For items and licenses such as softwares, I highly suggest using the Other catergory for this. I am aware that it does not show for you. If you are using a mobile, please go to Create a Listing > Games > Other. For PC users such as myself and many others, it shows as a main category. Please follow @Sparkling_Juice by contacting Gameflip Support. Let me know for any more help.

Thanks, Aeralo.