Sold listing instantly late for delivery

This happened 3 times today. Someone bought an item and within seconds gameflip sent a notification saying I’m late to deliver. Is this just a visual bug or am I in danger of getting the dreaded automatic bad feedback?

Well, I didn’t have close to the same issue as you. But the notifications were late for me on one buyers purchase. The app notification said it was sent 5 minutes ago with the buyers message. I went on Gameflip to inform them we can trade and the message time actually said it was sent 20 minutes ago.

Hello @Maddie_Davis,

Could you please provide me an order ID as example, so I could take a look at the times?

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I had the same issue above is order number of the transaction
Luckily it was one of my regulars so I went thru with the transaction anyways instead of canceling

I lost the listing since it happened. Noxcy and I have conversed about this before use his example it’s the same issue

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

@Noxcy and @Maddie_Davis, could you please provide me the system and version of the App you are using?

@Maddie_Davis, If you are able to find that order in the screenshot as well, that would be awesome. The more evidence we have, the better it is to fix the issue.

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Using latest version on IOS

Thanks for the info @Noxcy,

Our team is looking into the issue now and we should have a fix very soon.

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Hey @Noxcy,

Do you remember if you created this listing directly through the iOS app?

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Listing was created via @DarkKnight

Almost 100% sure of this

I rarely use the app to list mostly for notifications

Hey Noxcy, I’m helping the @DarkKnight this case, I have notice that this listing didn’t had shipping days, can you please confirm if you have first created this listing using our API or you may have copy this listing from another listing that was first created via API?

@Escobart @DarkKnight


I’ve already delivered but this was the one.

I am on android but I use on pc to post. Noxcy and I use the same method to post.


Thanks for all the information!

We have escalated the issue with the evidence you have provided.

Our team will work on a solution soon so this does not happen again.

Sorry for the inconvenience once again.

God Speed!

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