Sold my knife, order was under review and then cancelled. What now?

I sold my shadow daggers, then the order went under review, then finally my order was cancelled. From here my knife is now still marked as cancelled and I cant do anything to it. I want to at least get my knife back so I can try again since it may have been an error in the listing process. I even emailed support which took an entire day for each reply. Today is July 13th, 2016, and it has been since July 9th since I last heard from Gameflip or zendesk or whatever. I just want some sort of help here please.

When this happens, your item is automatically put back into the marketplace for others to buy. You should see this listing back in your On Sale tab under Listings.

Nothing is in my on sale listing.

Please send in a ticket to Support if you haven’t done so already so we can further look into it and make sure we have you on record so we can make sure to get your Skin back.

I suppose I can open another ticket. I had one open but it has been 5 days since it was last replied to.

Is it in regards to the same listing? If so, don’t worry we haven’t forgot about it. We are just in the process of building a feature in order to be able to issue it back.

Yes in regards to the same listing. If that’s the case then alright. I just wished that my ticket didn’t seem like it was forgotten/ignored after a couple responses that took entire days to get to each. Or even that I was told about this feature in the first place? Thank you for your attention to detail. Is it possible I can get an estimate of time it’ll take until I get my skin back?

By the end of next week is our target goal to have this issue taken care of, and users who are in the same scenario will be able to get their Skins back. Again we apologize for the inconvenience that this has cause and appreciate your understanding and patience.

Hello, I’m writing back to you wondering if there was ever a fix for this?
It’s been over a week since I last heard anything from you or Gameflip as a
whole. Well over the targeted time of resolution you had said before. I am
aware that i am not the only one in this scenario, however some feedback of
any kind would be nice.

This particular issue where you weren’t able to see your listings in any of your tabs has since been resolved. If you haven’t done so already, please go into your listings section and refresh the page as well as click from tab to tab. If this was the issue you were having, the listing will just appear for you.