Someone......Anyone help me

I bought an xbox live gold card from a seller named dexter for $35 for 12 months he has 400+ positive reviews so thought nothing in the way of a scam mer and had never been scammed before on gameflip as soon as I get home put iN the code that was sent to me and the xbox store said it had been deactivated called Microsoft they said that it may have been stolen or whatever so they couldn’t do anything (which is understandable) tried numerous times to contact him including the in the first message a picture saying the aforementioned error and waited for a day and a half for a response of any kind and not a peep so I opened a dispute and emailed the support team and it’s been 10 DAYS !!! ALMOST A WHOLE 2 WEEKS and I just keep getting asked if I’m still experiencing the issue and that’s even considering that I sent THEM the same picture and included the chat log where I was messaging him with no response I would like some kind of resolution I really don’t care how just don’t make me decline the charge. Worst part is I’ve been on this site for 2 yrs now bought another 12 month subscription card and never had a problem before I would ask that he be banned!!

Hey please, send me your ticket number via PM, so I can help you further.