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I came to this site because everywhere said instant paypal payouts instant transfers. Thats not the case i have to wait a week the only reason i took a 200$ hit on a giftcard i just bought is because my daughter and I will be homeless by tomorrow without payemnt for rent. I need to speed up every process getting paid…

The longer you’re on the site and the older your account / the more sell you make the time wait will get smaller and smaller.

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That should be made transparent for new users. I wouldnt have taken a hit of 200$ off just spending to get the card if my daughter and I were gonna still be homeless tomorrow anyways. How do you recieve funds right away but i have to wait. My roommate left me with his 2 months rent unpaid. Now tomorrow without the payment from card my daughter and i will have no place to stay… thanks

After the buyer rate you and you rate them back the money will be send on a pending timer. Once the timer up you will receive your money on gameflip. How you withdraw it is up to yourself.

You shouldn’t assume something just because someone told you.

Coming to a new site you never used before you should of look into it more before using it. This is to protect yourself and to understand how the site works.

Help Center
Gameflip Guidelines
Selling Help

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It was posted all over your site. And youre correct I shouldnt have trusted a company. Thanks for helping make us homeless. Youre the best.

Please show me where you have read that payments are instant.

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Funds are immeadiatly transferred to your gameflip wallet. It doesnt say anything about having to clear or anything about a wait time. Then goes into saying how you can woth draw from paypal anytime. But the way your joke of a site is we will see how that goes.

Adding fund is immediately to your account (Gameflip) as long as it does not go under review.

Withdraw money you made from selling things on gameflip to your paypal takes time.

After someone buy your item it go into pending for a few days before you can withdraw it. (This time its pending get shorter the older you account is and the more sells you do)

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You guys are a joke… you already have the money which means your withholding my money. I was looking for a new place to sell these cards i get about weekly between 500 and 1000 and im glad to say this is a one and done with your shady company.

CidxLucy doesn’t work for Gameflip and has been a very helpful community member. She’s here to give you and others informative advice, so don’t get personal.

Most people can withdraw no problem, so there must be something specific about your case that may cause delays.

You have an issue that needs to be resolved? Create a support ticket instead since they can pull the details of your transactions.