Stolen Fortnite key's

If you have noitced the last 2 weeks there has been an imense amout of new sellers selling fortnite standard edition keys for a extreamly cheap price (upto 85% of the original price). You might have wondered how they can sell these key’s for such a low price and still make a profit. I’ve wondered the same so I did some digging about it.

Alright the first thing I did was to contact some of these new sellers through discord with the excuse to buy these codes in bulk, most of them when asked how they get these key for so cheap simply didn’t anwser.

Since nicely asking didn’t work I changed my plan and decided to do some research. The first thing I found out was that Epic games don’t sell founder packs with key’s at all, so the only way to obtain these key’s are through 2 “friend codes” you get when you buy the limited edition pack (150$).

The next thing I discovered was a cracking forum called “”, on this site a found multiple tut’s about cracking Epic games accounts, what stood out was the importance for a payment method linked to the account. Apperantly if you link a credit card or paypal to your account you can directly buy thing without any payment credentials needed no matter on wich pc you login from or which IP address.

A few days later it all became clear to me, people were cracking Epic games accounts with payment methods linked(credit card/paypal) than they buy the limited edition pack (150$) after that they sell the 2 “friend codes” that come with it for dirt cheap on gameflip. It explains all these new sellers comeing from nowhere.
The worse part is that after the real owner of these credit cards or paypal accounts claim a chargeback the friend codes get revoked even if you already redeemed it.

(Key deleted after chargeback)

Conclusion: Do not buy any fortnite editions from any website other than Epic games official stores (people that sell “deluxe” editions are a scam 100% since only standard edition “friend keys” exist). If you bought one outside of gameflip with paypal you should open a paypal dispute to get your money back, eventually all these stolen key’s will be revoked and the contents will be removed from you account even if you already redeemed it and it worked.

I hope that gameflip also will change there rules and start suspending or atleast temporary suspending these new sellers until they can proof from where the key’s they are selling are coming from. Gameflip should not support credit card/paypal fraud in anyway. Not only are they buying a pack of 150$ they also sell codes that will get revoked, thus screwing 2 people over.

Note: This is only for key’s that are redeemed on fortnite’s website, xbox store codes have nothing to do with this.

If you have any questions about this leave them below I’il try to anwser them all.

Kind regards


Edit:List of sellers I’m 99,99% sure are selling stolen key’s:

  • Yilmaz Sarier
  • Smurf Flex
  • Ben Mazik
  • HD Gamer
  • Mohanad Al-Harbi

Some of these have already sold 100+ copies, thousands of dollars from fruad…

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Thanks for reporting that. We’ll investigate.


So… Did you guys do anything?

We are try to remove the max amount of listings that are forbidden within our marketplace. The fight is hard and constant. If you can, please report the listings you see, we can see it fast and we will be able to take these listings down faster.


Youre 100% wrong there, unless youre good with cracking hashes, or even the password for emails(i get my friend to do that) you cant buy anything without the CVV or their paypal email. Im a “worker” for some guy ive known for awhile. We crack fortnite accounts everyday. Mostly about 2k or 1k a day at most, probably around 200-300 every 2 hours if were lucky. But, ive tried on some accounts that have a credit card and or a paypal account and it makes you log into their paypal account or give the CVV. But, we also crack Save The World accounts too.

I’m 100% right, You didn’t need any other information of cc was linked, it has nothing to do with cracking hashes, you just need good dorks. Epic games already changed this recently so it doesn’t work anymore. Idgf about everything else you wrote since you clearly don’t know how this all works.