Strange people, no respect !!!

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I’m a reseller, right? and I’m also featured in the gameflip! means that: the cheaper I buy the cheaper I can resell some items! Now people who can not get the prices I can get now go through my listings and protest, like I’m wrong at something. I always tell the sellers what I can pay for the item, it’s the person’s right to accept it or not. Now I have to live with others who can not get these prices and feel entitled to come and offend me! Is this correct for moderators? and if I am so bad with my salespeople or buyers, why when they rate me do they always give me a great qualification? I have no negative rating and I buy a lot by coordinated transfer, and if I am bad buyer or seller because I have 5,000k of positive qualifications? no negative qualification! this one I blocked and others will also be blocked!
My link profile , no bad qualifications !

I just see a guy complaining and being boring here. Next time just ignore the user and block him if you want so.

Remember, the best answer to ignorance is silence.

Thank you.

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