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So i am selling Target Gift Cards and when someone write Target in Search first is show some Games like Homefront and items for TF2 and Dota … I mean this is bug or something its kinda not fair , people need to go few pages to find target GC’s

Just a heads up they have a separate filter/page for Target gift cards so you don’t have to filter through other nonsense.

You can also get there on the we page by using the navigation up top to select Gift Cards > Target. The search feature isn’t amazing, but if you use the filters you can usually eliminate unwanted results. Hope this helped.

Sir , i know i am not new on site , 2500+ rates i have.
Gameflip have everyday new customers and they dont know about that. Why would someone want Homefront if he wrote Target lol ? Just write Homefront and thats it lol or Target .

How would new customers miss this? It’s right at the top of the app as well. Even eBay and Amazon sometimes bring up results that aren’t relevant when using a key word search and avoiding filters like the plague. However, using a simple key word search of “target” returns pretty much all gift cards for the first few pages. It’s pretty hard to imagine anyone not being able to find the Target gift cards. I was able to find your specific gift cards in about 10 seconds.

Either way though I suppose improved relevancy is a good thing.

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I am saying , if i write Amazon i want to see Amazon , not Minecraft lol

I just searched Amazon and found no Minecraft… Just Amazon cards along with a few movies that can be redeemed on Amazon video and a game called “Amazon Rush”. I comprehend what you are saying, but am unable to replicate your issue. In no setting do you need to go through a few pages to find Target gift cards like in your initial example either. I see several pages of your Target cards listed when I search “target”. Maybe it’s user error on your end lol.

It was example lol … Anyway i didnt ask random people . Post is for admins to see if they can “fix” .
Same thing is for Steam and for Target idk for other products . This items for “steam” are old 4 months … No one buying its just “spam”.

Seems like it brings up the cheapest Steam items and games so it’s working properly. Looks like you forgot to use any of the many filter options you claim no one can find that are also at the top of your photo. That’s how you “fix” this.

If you don’t want “random people” commenting than don’t submit your poor suggestion on a public forum where others are allowed to input their ideas. But as some random person with 5x your rates who has no difficulty finding items, devs have limited time and this is waste of it.

There’s much larger issues such as limiting/addressing the API spam people constantly bring up to fixing the Nintendo situation. Those issues can’t be fixed by simply turning on obvious filters like yours can.