suspended account

my account got suspended for sell video games. I want to know why

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What kind of video games were you selling? Please provide photos of the games.

they new release ps4 and xbox one disc only with tag middle which the
administration believes from redbox

I sent pictures later at work now

The ones with black and yellow boxes and QR code squares at the center circle of the disc are rental property of Redbox. As stated on their website, game disc that aren’t returned after a certain amount of days will be charged on the borrower’s card. It is $69 +tax per game. Redbox has been dealing with a lot of scam/fraud cases where someone would steal people’s credit card information, rent a lot of games, keep the discs and return the cases with a blank CD/fake paper print out of the game or worse not return it at all because they won’t face any repercussions themselves. How did you manage to come into so many Redbox games? Why are you selling them when they are property that need to be returned?

who are you

i bought from third party

You work for gameflip

There.are a lot of sellers on the site selling redbox games, Check the ps4 and Xbox one game listing, Funny that the site. has no contact phone number or physical address,

Is gamesflip legit business.

No, I do not work for Gameflip, however, I am a featured store. Yes, we are aware that the game sections have been getting a concerning number of Redbox property games posted. If you check again, most have been removed and if there are more, those will be taken down as well.

Yes, Gameflip is a legit business. Please do not let your own mistakes and actions confuse you and question Gameflip’s business practices. The main form of communication with Gameflip is through email and the messaging center to reach support.

Do gameflip accept any disc only games anymore