Account Suspended ??

I sell an item and when I went to receive I came across this error screen! what happened ? I already made several sales and I did not make any mistakes
image link -

You will need to contact Support so we can look into your account and see the reason why. You can also read our FAQ article here to see if this pertains to you:

Not to continue I spent everything I had outside the site buying keys because I thought the site was reliable and I would end up getting something at the beginning was taking 28 dollars two days ago. But now I lost my keys in the store and I will not be able to buy more because I lost one Good time to sell, thank you very much. I liked the site while it lasted but now I can not lose much money anymore :slight_smile:

I really want to re-sell on your site but if you do not compensate me for the time I left without selling, you will not have to, as I spent all my money with the keys I lost :sweat: :cry:

Yes my account was suspended too. Gameflip believe the games i’m selling came from redbox. But there is no evidence of it.

Well, if your game has the Redbox label, then it belongs to Redbox! It’s also easy to call up Redbox with the disc barcode.

Here’s a common Redbox fraud for forum readers: