Account Wrongfully Suspended - Resolved

(Closing post as resolved - thank you gameflip!)

I’d guess it’s related to selling those fancy items at a 200-500% markup. I like how you mention the key prices but not the crazy prices the others were listed and sold at.

I dont think so.
“Crazy” prices are not forbidden. Maybe he did something else and maybe is just wrong suspend. Try to contact support, they will able to help you.

I can’t contact support because I can’t find my invite code, because I can’t login. Invite code required to submit support request.

And I thought I overvalued my items.

Man, the money laundering on Gameflip has reached new heights. 1 key for $2,500. Someone even bought one of my random place holder listings for $666.66 and practically gave me the money. What is going on?

Your account have been unsuspended. On behalf of the team, I apologize for the inconvenience.

You guys rock, big weight lifted off!

@op_JOkEr Please see

Invite Code ZDL4TF

I was unable to login using android app since yesterday when i first downloaded the android app. After providing login credentials, they asked for security code which I was not receiving. I had already complained about this login via mobile issue. See request ID #155032

I tapped on Resend security code where it said too many requests and then on computer my account got suspended.
When I first created the account, I gave my phone number, the security code was not sent at that time also, so there was an option of verifying via call. I did that and verified.

The security codes are not being sent to numbers from India.

And Now My Account is suspended. Please help. I have many items listed for sale.

I have never sold any game keys / gift cards / accounts etc. Nor have I filed dispute case or asked for payout.

Please Help.


Check PM please

Replied to the PM. Hopefully the suspension gets removed. Thank you for the prompt reply.

Unsuspended :smile:

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Finally :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you for the prompt action @op_JOkEr

I don’t think its that

So A friend recommended this app to me. Told me I could sell anything I want on this app. I saw someone else listing youtube subscribers, so I thought, why not? Like anybody else, I didn’t read the long rules and terms & conditons. I sold 4 different people legitimate subscribers and even got good ratings. Those subs are still there. Then I decide to sell 2 gift cards. Those I got for my birthday 2 weeks ago and knew I was never going to use them. So I ended up selling them. After I sell them I get a your account has been suspended notification and now I am very upset because from what I am reading I will lose everything. Is there any way to forfeit the money gained from the subscribers, keep the money from the gift cards and get it put into my paypal, and unsuspend me?

Thanks for the help in advance

Code: PNTLY2

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Hey, I answered your ticket request regarding this matter. Please contact me, when you answer it via PM.