Suspended after i tried to add funds via Paypal ?

I added funds after Jul, 26 to my Account via Paypal and it said “Under Review” after one day gameflip told me to send:

  1. A photo of the front and back of your driver’s license or state issued identification card that shows your photo and address held in your hand. We cannot accept passports.
  2. A photo of your phone bill with the phone number registered to your PayPal account
  3. One photo showing your ID and a handwritten sign that states “I approve this $5 Gameflip purchase” and your signature. Take the photo holding both next to your face.

Although they clearly said: “your Gameflip account must meet one of the following conditions”

But thats not all. I wrote to the Support, why am i supposed to send all these information for a ingame items platform, although i already tried to add funds to my Account. Well, after 12 hours i got the notification that my Paypal transaction has been cancelled. I tried to log in to my Gameflip Account and it says it’s suspended.
Invite Code: BF4ARA Im not sure if this is the right Code, because i cant log in anymore ha ha…

Still no answer since 3 days…

Submitting fake IDs is one of the ways to get suspended. Did you get an email stating the reason for your suspension? Support should be answering you now that it’s business days. If you’re not sure that’s your invite code then you can private message the moderator the phone number you registered on Gameflip.

Your account got suspended since you were scamming users with alternate(s) account(s).

I’m unable to help you further.