They Won't give back my skins

I put 2 skins on Gameflip and decided it was a mistake. Yet, I can not get them back because the bots are offline and I have no way to get them. If I would have known it was this much trouble just to get my skins back, I would not have put them on here. I have already sent in a request and they have not responded so I would like my items back ASAP.

Hey, if you still have this issue, can you send me the request number so I can check it for you?


How do I do this exactly?

WHen you create a request, you will receive an e-mail confirming it. Within this e-mail you will see a request number (with 5 digits).

Send this number to me here, so I can check it for you. Or you can send me your e-mail via PM, so I can try to find your request within our system.


The bots never go offline. Are you sure you made the deposit (correctly trade with Gameflip bot) and not to some imposter?

84373 this is the account number.

Hey, I checkwd the request number you just sent and I saw that our team just sent you the instructions on how to get your items back. Please, reply to the request telling us your problem so the team can look further and help you better with that.