this guy refused to give me my item telling me i had to pay first


my code is MYFKLT

he has canceled the trade now i just dont want him doing this to other people


I gave him a warning after reading everything.
Also, remember that buyers need to provide their ingame name for delivery of items on coordinated transfer, so he was not wrong about asking it.


i know he isnt wrong about asking i just didnt want him to try anything else he already told me to give him free money but thank you for handling this matter tali


I understood what you meant, don’t worry we’ll keep an eye on him.
And thank you very much for your report.


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Hi, I’m a forum moderator, I’m not really buying anything. Please refrain from reviving threads to advertise your shop.


Dully noted @Tali I just noticed the Selling section after i made the post. Excuse me.