Hello guys, i really want to thank everyone of you!

hello guys i really want to thank all of you for your kind and helping each other, we got a lot of great stores around here For selling rocket league items and keys, also stores for gift cards well i would protect every seller and every buyer, i will give you small advice!

  • if the seller told you to accept the order first, don’t ever do that, make sure first you got the right item you paid for, as example you bought keys in rocket league, don’t ever accept the order until you receive your keys.

  • if you bought a code, steam code or xbox codes whatever, just make sure it work 100% after this you can simply accept the order for the seller, give them their rate “good” if he trying to scam you Please Report him so Gameflip Support will ban him as soon as possible.

That’s my advice for you guys i wish this helped you, because i see a lot of people saying i got scammed by Scammers.

Thanks So much for reading this i love all of you and i would help everyone of you forever on gameflip!!!

LOVE YA :blush::hearts:


thanks to You too. love You too without being ■■■ lol xd

You are very helpful

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Thanks so much! :hearts::blush:

Hey adam_saber!

Thanks for the help around here!

You rock! :star2:

God speed! :trident:

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Always and forever will be there to help Flippers :hearts::blush: