This is getting old

Its been 4 days now since I did a cashout to my paypal and still nothing has shown up. No emails back from support. Nothing on the forums. And I have all the proof its not there. I really enjoy this site but honestly my patience is being tested and there is no need to overreact or get upset but will someone help me?

Hey @Skyrim_Blaze, thank you for contacting us.

Can I have your invite code or the request number you sent to the support team so i can check it for you?


The number is 116336. And im not trying to scam anyone here. I understand you guys are under a big workload atm.

HSTZ22 is my invite code.

Thanks whoever you are for at least seeing this.

Hey @Skyrim_Blaze, I answered your request and also saw that the payouts were completed.

Please if you have any other issues, just PM me here.

Thank you!