Transaction History Changes

The app no longer displays older transactions in our history. While this may not be a problem for most people, some of us need this information for tax purposes. We get e-mail regarding transactions but now the only was to retrieve a shipping address and date is by pulling up the archived label from the link we’re e-mailed when it’s ready to print. The e-mails do not contain this information they only contain date and price and a link to the label. For tax reasons we need to know location of the receiver.

I’m hoping these labels are held and archived by the mailing service or I’m going to be stuck taking screenshots of every transaction just for the purposes of record keeping. Saving the labels in PDF to cross reference with sale price, location, and then back out sales tax hopefully will be more streamlined in the future. I know I’m not the only one who needs this information for legal reasons.

Many changes have been awesome and look really great! We love the YouTube addition to listings so one can see game play in the app. That was sweet, but some changes have been making things like record keeping much harder on those of us trying to stay compliant with local, state, and federal laws when reporting sales and taxes.

Any chance we could get a forum thread for versions numbers & patch notes? It might make it a bit easier to know what features were changed so we could adjust our operating models accordingly.

We actually have already brought this up to the engineers to re-look into. Cause we know that it’s necessary for users to see their transaction history, not alone cause confusion. Ultimately how it works on the back-end, is that everything is categorized into months. So come Aug 1st, all of July’s transaction history gets replaced with Aug’s history. So they are looking into changing this on the front-end so you’ll still be able to see previous transaction histories.

As a side note. If you ever do need to know anything from your transaction history. We do have the ability to look it up.

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