Transactions Summary Not Showing

So if you look there is a summary section that shows my total transactions for the month etc , this summary section is not showing in my last 2 months of sales / activity pages which are my most active lol would like to see the summary CODE : 6G2L92

They aren’t there if you scroll up right above August? I think I can see the bottom of the September box at the top of the screenshot.

Edit: I see what you mean. I’m also experiencing that issue with several of the months.

The pages that show every individual transaction are there but the summary box is not

The summary is empty (zero) because there were no buy/sell transactions, just Credits you received and expired.

My man you see the summary box in the picture that box is not showing up in my last 2 months of activity that’s what I’m trying to fix ( the box that show listings sold/ purchased etc)

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