Wallet Activity improvement suggestion "SUMMARY"

In wallet - activity section i can only see the “Summary” tab for the current month, if any previous month is clicked/opened it does not display the “Summary” for that month. We should be able to see it for previous month too.

Is this for the web (gameflip.com) or the mobile app or mobile web (gameflip.com on Chrome/Safari)? I looked at my account on the web (PC desktop), and the summary is shown for each month when you click to open for that month.

@TheFuBar For the web. I cannot see the Summary for previous months, only for the current months. I’m using Google Chrome on Windows.

The summary box appears only when you uncover all the transactions for that month. You have to scroll down and click on “view more” until you uncover the complete list for that month, then scroll back up and you’ll see the summary.

This is a pain for me because I have so many transactions sometimes it takes me a while to go through my activity for the previous months.

So yeah I agree, summary should always appear on top without having to uncover the entire list for the month. I would also love it if they add a way to export by csv or something so we can keep backups, because it’ll only show you the last 7 months and remove the rest.

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