Need copy of Wallet Activity/Summary for 2023- Please Help!!

am currently in dire need of help. We are working with our tax person and I need to provide my Gameflip Wallet Activity for 2023 for my business expense. (Submitting taxes late, I know. :frowning: )

-I know how to pull the data, I can do it but 2023 is no longer available.
-I am NOT a seller, I am strictly a buyer so all I need is the completed purchase (basically what i spent/deposited in gameflip) or funds added per each month of 2023, same data available under Wallet>Activity except 2023.

I have submitted a ticket on June 27 regarding this matter and i think the confusion is that they keep telling me this data does not exist, then they say, do it under activity, which I have responded. I know how to do it, i just need access to my 2023 records which is no longer available online. It has not been a year, and really need it for tax purposes, and cost me a huge monetary loss!

Please help!!! I am desperate!


Open ticket (since Jun 27)

Please help @DarkKnight @MajorTom

look at the items sold, it will show even very old items. im also impressed that you care about being honest for taxes.

Hello @avy42!

Iā€™m sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you.

As informed to you before by our Support Team, the transaction history is only available for 6 months.

Godspeed! :trident: