Purchase using wallet money completed but items still not received

Hi there @DunnBiscuit!
I created a ticket (434763) about 2 purchases I’ve done this saturday.
Now over 50 hours have passed after I made the purchase and the money was taken from my Gameflip wallet and still I have no access to the codes because the sale is “pending”.

Frankly I’m puzzled: I understand this measure for purchases done through credit cards or some other means, but why would it happen if my wallet money came through sales and credits?
Does this practice have anything to do with KYC/AML regulations? Even when my ID has already been identified by Gameflip (account verified)?

EDIT: one of the purchases went through this wednesday. Unfortunately the other purchase was cancelled** and I lost the cupon that I used on it (the 25% off SUPRISE cupon code). Any chances I can use this coupon or another 25% off code? Or did I just lose it for good because the seller recklessly cancelled the sale? :frowning:

**by the way the seller Insane Project lied on his reason for the cancellation, because I never asked for the transaction to be cancelled. Much on the contrary: I told him the order would go trough (I wanted to complete it) - Order ID 667e5244-c1de-418b-8323-911d00378bac

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Hello, since the transactions are completed/canceld, I assum this issue is solved.

Regarding the coupon, you may try to use it again, but if it expired already, nothing can be done :frowning:
Bu,t we always have this kind of promo/coupon, so I’m sure you will have one to use in a future purchase.


Unfortunately the coupon had expired and I lost the discount… but yes, the problem is solved.
Thank you DunnBiscuit.

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