Under Review, lost several solds

Why status Under Review takes so long? I lost more of 5 sells because of this and yesterday I sold a item but this status appear and probably the customer will cancel the order.

Hey @Luis_Tiago_Andrighet,

When a listing that has been purchased and is “Under Review”, the buyer’s payment was caught by our payment verification measures and awaiting for them to verify before we can push it through. If they are unable to verify their information within the 24 hours from when we notify them, the purchase will be cancelled and automatically relisted back onto the marketplace.

This item technically has not been sold yet. It’s off the market with the “Sold” icon because someone tried to purchase it but You can view your Sold tab in your Listings section to better see that this is Under Review.

You can also read more about this process here: https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/210297418-Why-is-my-purchase-under-review-