Unfair Account ban

Sooo I havent even sold in last 7 days, and I removed all my ads, and today I wake up, and my account was banned??

Why is that? Please help me out, I was banned unfairly. I have alot of money in there, I have a whole semester Tuition fee there, I will be ruined with the money in there.

Kindly help as soon as you can! Thank you

@MajorTom @DunnBiscuit @DarkKnight

It says I was conducting sales outside of gameflip, and there was no such thing on my account. I did not even sell anything in past 7 days. Only ad I had posted was “ON VACATION”.

This is the second time I was banned unfair and by mistake. Even last time you guys mistakenly banned me and said “Sorry ignore the past ban, it was an error / misjudgement”.

Kindly help out, I need my money asap.
Thank you

@MajorTom @DunnBiscuit @DarkKnight

It would help the admins if you put your profile code so they can check it for you when they read your post. Or at least your profile url or some sort of identifier to help them know who you are. Good luck, hope you get your account and your money.

Thanks man!

@DunnBiscuit @MajorTom @DarkKnight

here is my Profile code I believe, Invite code : 6HKSS6

Hello yousafzafar,

I will check this for you and will let you know.

Hello yousafzafar,

After further checking with the team, your suspension was lifted and you were given a second chance.

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Thank you so much sir!
Also is there a way I can change my connected Skrill account?
Apparently my connected one is unable to receive withdraws.

Hello @yousafzafar,

To change your Skrill email address associated with your Gameflip account, please go to your Profile page, press on your profile pic, and then press the “edit” icon in the top right corner. This will allow you to change your Gameflip email address.

Once that is done your Skrill email address will be updated automatically.

God Speed! :trident: