Updated Seller Rating Display

I checked, and you can see the records months ago. With the filter (web version), you can see the ratings on the category of items sold.

They’ll keep, dota2 csgo, but they won’t keep the goods sold by pubg and fortnite code for more than a week.

Hmm… There’s no rating filter for Fortnite vs Dota2, just for all “In-Game” items. I can’t tell what the rating item by looking at a profile like this Fortnite seller: https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:48f67c4c-00d8-4fdc-b588-bbf101e1a5a4/captain-morgan-online-/ratings?page=1&start=0

This is much better, now it’s fair that old rating doesn’t count.But one more suggestion, with steam skins categories discount is still main priority for buyer.With current reccomendation version still not good.Skins should be sorted in recommendation by best value ( 100$ skin with 10% discount higher priority then 2$ skin with 30% discount)You will remove garbage from first pages.Also sorting by discount needed in sorting options.

So, people who are selling via bots can have now their rating back?

When someone sell via bot, the trade is automatic completed and buyer cant rate.

One neutral rating that I didn’t have before just appeared on my profile. My ratings were 100% perfect, only neutral ones were given by mistake (automatically after dispute is closed in my favor) and removed by your team afterwards. There were one, or two negative ones after buyers tried to scam me and were not pleased with an outcome, but they were also removed by your team. How this one (more than one year old rating) and only that one came up?

With your new system, I’m unable to click on user to see his full name and to try and find transaction number.

Any help?


EDIT: I found Order ID. I mean, two of them (same buyer, same price, same date), one of them is the order in question.


I even found our correspondence in my inbox (Dec 23, 2017) where you’re confirming rating removal. As I said, it wasn’t visible on my profile till today.

I have 1 neutral too, but it does not affect your score. I am still at 100% feedback rating, only poor reviews will affect your score, but most poor are removed as they are wrong reasons. I shouldn’t worry too much, for once I think Gameflip have done something good!

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Yeah, I know, but it is causing disturbance in the Force.

+1 please add auto rating from bot sales

Well Dang. I went from 54 positives to 26… lol

From 30000 to 7 :smiley:

I like this new system, good job!

You guys did great for sellers, but why is it not showing any feedback for buyers like me? This way im being treated like someone that just registered and has 0 feedback. Sellers will want to know what kind of a buyer they are dealing with. Reputation works both ways!

Maybe add a toggle to switch between Selling/Buying summary?

They can still see your feedback (as buyer) when visiting your profile.

The new system has gone? I do not see it anymore on all profiles I view.

Try different browser, probably you have problem with cookies/cache.

The new system is on profiles.

No don’t worry, I got it.

not good .i didnt like it.

deliver on time.
be polite to the customer.
there are still many buyers who don’t give good feedback.so this is not a yardstick.a rating system based entirely on goodwill and good people.if you give bad notification the room gives bad notification.there are many buyers completed transaction so late .but i gave good feedback that s why.rating system. must be checked

I dont like these changes cuz as seller who use bots, i dont receive any ratings - this mean, i’m not showing up anymore. I’m thinking just to move on to other website as here i sell now 1 item everyday - this suck.

I love gameflip, but i dont see anymore a point to stay here.

if I have delivered the item within the time period allowed by gameflip.I’ve already earned good feedback.
let’s say I can deliver in 1 day.so I have 1 day.it’s not normal for the buyer to give bad feedback saying I delivered late.but gameflip gives the buyer 3 days to complete.

your problem is about swapping boots.
i give you the right @ Pawel_Chojecki.
I made up to 20 bot trades i didnt get any goodfeedback.