No seller rating?

I don’t sell often, but 21 sales lifetime. Why does it say No Seller Rating on my listings? That’s crap. I have 100% positive feedback on sales.

Seller ratings is last 180 days if you haven’t sold anything in that time, there’s your answer

Well I have. ^Take a look. And my other sales should count for something.

Yea u have 4 rates in 6 months those should show up

How is Seller Rating calculated?
The Seller Rating is calculated as Positives / (Positives + Negatives) of feedback ratings for the transactions that ended in the last 180 days. Seller Rating is shown as Not Available when there are too few feedback ratings.

Im not sure what’s the minimum for it to start showing it, but yours is only 3 positive in the last 180 days.

My current listing. And it shows “No Rating”

Black edition explained it best

You have too few ratings in the last 6 months for it to show up, maybe when u get 50 rates or so

Basically here - Updated Seller Rating Display

If I’m not wrong, you need at least 10 Sales within 180 Days for it to display.

I don’t say anything about 10 Sales minimum.

Some mystery number? Great.

You can check other sellers. I have seen people with 15-19 ratings being shown. (Past 180 days.)

Haven’t seen any below 10.

You can see your rating after 5 within 180 days.